Sangeeta Amladi explains that the discovery of fire by human beings, and making it a part of processing food, provided in nature has been rather a bane than a boon for Humankind, which has excelled in taming the nature to its benefit.

The modern Science has succeeded in proving that cooked food is good to taste and also easy to digest. But at what cost? What about the nutritive content of that cooked food?  Is the nutritive value of the cooked food same as that of when it’s raw ?

The answer is no. Cooking results in the loss of nutrients from the food & all that remains is a somewhat dead weight to give us a false satisfaction of hunger.

Nature has provided us with food of various types for all living beings on Earth, according to the eco-system in which they survive. Sangeeta Amladi gives the example of how the fish survive on flora and fauna that grows in water. Likewise, the various wild animals have food which is available in forests. The lions, tigers, cheetahs etc. are carnivorous  whereas  giraffes, elephants, deer, etc. are herbivorous. The creative power of nature is so great and beyond the limits of human psyche, that it is ever active and has perfect plan for all living beings as per their dependable food chain in the eco-system in which they strive. Their digestive system is also made in such a way that it provides the necessary energy to their respective bodies.  

But in case of humans, our bodies have been designed to survive on natural food provided by nature. But we tend to disrupt our own digestive system by cooking the food and even more by further processing the food in whatever possible manner to adjust and market the food items.

Sangeeta Amladi tells us that, this has eventually resulted in following convenient food habits rather than healthy food habits.
This has resulted in lowered energy levels and the entire human race is under the stress of a long list of diseases, which is being lengthened day by day, as per medical science.

Sangeeta Amladi adds that she has personally been living on unprocessed, uncooked food which is available in plenty. Hence with her own experience and experiments, she truly believes that the food which is available in its natural form, is the most nutritive food one can have.
Ironically, the fact which intrigues Sangeeta Amladi is that, except human beings, all other living beings are guided by their own intuitional power as far as their food is concerned.

Hence, Sangeeta focuses on one important thing, that is, if you give your body the food in its most natural form, your health will be revived automatically. Hence, she always stresses that instead of relating Disease to therapy, try relating health to the food we eat.

Another request, that Sangeeta Amladi makes is, instead of believing the misconception of cleansing process of our body, which is wrongly construed as disease, be it cold or cough or even fever, Sangeeta urges you to think from a holistic viewpoint. Cough is nothing but liquid/mucus, isn’t it? It is something which exists for the smooth passage of the food we consume. It sometimes comes up in the process of the cleansing process of our own Life Force. What are we trying to do when we cough? To brief you, the body is trying to flush out the mucus through the throat, nose, or mouth.

We are supposed to help the Life Force by having the most nutritious food. That is, sweet fruits of various types, dry fruits which are to be consumed raw, Fresh sugar cane juice is highly nutritive, tasty vegetables, sprouts, and so on.

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