A recently delivered study found among the individuals who tried positive for COVID-19, more had types A, B or AB blood than Type O.

A few new studies recommend your blood type may assume a part in your danger of getting COVID-19.

As indicated by an study out of Denmark just distributed in the Journal of Blood Advances, those with Type O blood are possibly more averse to get COVID-19. Researchers found among the individuals who tried positive, more individuals had types A, B or AB blood than Type O.

“I think it might point to really, as a marker for different kinds of genomic susceptibilities,” Dr. Elizabeth Ransom of Baptist Health said.

As per Ransom, the exploration is as yet occurring and nothing about this infection is known without a doubt.

“We’re learning more and more every day about this virus. It still comes back to what do you do about that? You can’t change your blood type, right,” she said.

A different, more modest study out of Vancouver found those with blood classifications An or AB had more serious side effects and were bound to require mechanical ventilation and dialysis. Those with An or AB blood classifications were likewise bound to invest more energy in the ICU.

Once more, however, Ransom said we shouldn’t accept the discoveries as distinct.

“It is really interesting information. I think we should not lose our vigilance. If you’re a Type O and think, ‘Oh great, my risk is less now,’ it’s still important [to be aware]. There are plenty of people who are Type O who have gotten COVID, so we just need to continue to be careful and be cautious and use good common sense,” Ransom said.

She said regardless of what your blood type, you actually need to wear a cover and practice great hand hygiene and social distancing.

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